About Us

Blu-Ban was born in the office. We came from roles that required hours spent behind the screen. We would leave the office feeling tired, our eyes strained, and often with a headache. We found that these symptoms had secondary effects on us as well, we would struggle focusing, we would have less energy out of work, and it affected our mental and physical wellbeing. Our colleagues were in a similar position and we were looking for a solution, but nothing existed that was both fashionable and practical. 

Our purpose was already defined: increase the quality of life of our customers and humanity around the world, by delivering a valuable product that is backed by science. We were obssessed. We started by researching blue light glasses already available on the market (ironically spending more time on a screen) and found that they're either unsightly or didn't work, or both. That research showed a gap in the market which Blu-Ban strives to fill.  

We got to work. We designed a frame that was universally stylish and comfortable, while testing which lenses were the most effective. We weren't satisfied with the lenses available, so we decided to manufacture our own. The Digiprotect™ lenses were born. Learn more about why our lenses are the best on the market here.

Since the innovation of our lenses and launch of our product, we have been focused on helping those who aren't as fortunate as us. We believe firmly in the butterfly effect, that little actions can result in great differences in the future. For that reason we set up a scheme to support mental health with every purchase. Learn more about who we support and why, here.

It is humbling to see the support of customers around the world, telling us just how much we have helped them. But we won't stop here. As a result of your feedback and support we are always improving and innovating.