Product FAQ

How are you different from your competitors? How do your Digiprotect™ lenses work?

Our Digiprotect™ lenses offer 3 levels of protection.

1. Our lenses are baked with a naturally occuring pigment that blocks around 80% of harmful 410-450 nm blue light and around 50% of blue light across the range, whilst keeping the lens virtually clear. Most devices emit blue light most abundantly at ~455 nm. Our competitors can only block ~5% of this light. Blu-Bans block ~30%. 

2. Our lenses are coated in an anti-reflective layer, reducing glare and unecessary feedback from your Blu-Bans. 

3. Our lens also defend your eyes from ~90% of UV light, allowing you to be protected inside and out. 

Finally, our lenses have an outer layer of super-hydrophobic coating, repelling water and dust and reducing smudges.

learn more about our Digiprotect™ lens technology and why we block blue light here.

Do your lenses have any magnification? 

Our lenses do not have any magnification. If you would like to test this, please  take them to the local opticians and ask to check if there is any prescription on them. If this is found to be true, please contact us at and we can exchange them. 

Sometimes people get this magnification effect when trying our glasses for the first time. This is often because, when removing some of the blue light it changes the color contrast leading to this strange feeling. If this occurs, it should only happen at the beginning, after your eyes are used to them it should be okay. 

Are your frame unisex? Are they one size fits all?

Yes! Our frames are made for any sex and fit a variety of face shapes.

How do I clean my Blu-Bans?

We recommend using the cleaning cloth provided for cleaning lipids, water, smudges and dust. If extra cleaning is required, please use a lens cleaning wipe or spray. 

Can I wear them with contact lenses?

Yes! As mentioned previously our lenses are free of magnification and help provide protection from blue light, preventing your contacts from becoming dry and uncomfortable.