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A stylish and timelessly designed frame, fit for almost any face, maintaining the signature keyhole bridge. Fit with our Digiprotect™ lenses that protect the user from the side effects of blue light.Klarna

What's Included

Each pair of Blu-Bans come with our ultra-light, handcrafted frames fitted with our Digiprotect™ lenses. Every frame comes with a branded rigid case and cleaning cloth to keep your Blu-Bans shining.

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Through Work for Good, for each pair of Blu-Bans sold, we will donate £1.50 to Samaritans, a registered charity. Now anxiety and depression is an epidemic this is a strong focus of ours.

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Our handcrafted frames are made out of a shatter-proof and ultra-light polycarbonate with flexible hinges and temples for a perfect fit for any face shape.

Our Digiprotect™ lenses are made specifically for those spending lots of time infront of a screen who are therefore heavily exposed to blue light. Our lenses are baked with a pigment, blocking most of the blue light whilst keeping the lens almost clear.

The lenses have the added bonus of blocking some UV light, keeping your eyes protected from both screens and sunlight. They are then finished with an anti-glare and super-hydrophobic coating, repelling dust, water and reducing smudges.

Go Behind the Science with our lenses here.

Benefits of Blocking Blue Light

  • Decrease the symptoms of blue light exposure - Our glasses may reduce headaches, eye strain and blurred vision allowing you to focus on the important stuff.
  • Improve sleep - By reducing blue light exposure, your melatonin levels are regulated resulting in a better night's sleep.
  • Enhance your wellbeing - improve your focus and productivity, helping you walk with a spring in your step when you get more out of your day!
  • Long term protection - We don't know the long term effect of prolonged exposure to blue light but we think taking action early could be smart.